100 Approval Financing New York

100 Approval Financing New York

Many businesses are not able to make conversions because they haven’t fully addressed the buyer’s pricing concerns. Why? Because these businesses only focus on the value they provide instead of providing the financing options that facilitate the conversions. Yet your buyers are thinking about how to pay you and not just the dollar equivalent of the investment.

 Thankfully, we now have a way to help you make more sales from your most profitable offers. It’s our 100% financing program that is designed to provide funding for small businesses like yours. Here is how it works.

What Is 100% Financing?

100% financing is a financing option that offers a no-down-payment financing option for businesses. It is often the business financing option of choice for businesses that need a steady cash flow.

The thing with 100% financing is that you’d need to understand how it works before taking it. So while 100% financing might look like the best solution, you might end up getting involved in a  financial mess.

Our 100% Financing Model

With our 100% financing model, you don’t have to pay the down payment portion of your repayment plan. At least not right away.

With the traditional mortgage option, you get to apply for a particular mortgage. Say, for example, you need $200,000. The bank then writes a check for $200,000 (100% financing). Say, for instance, the bank requires a down payment of 15% ($30,000), you’d be required to pay $170,000 as the debt owed.

You don’t need to pay any percentage as a down payment with us as we provide the total amount (100%) upfront.

We are One Click Close. We are the first “smart” business funding dashboard that centralizes payment solutions with the highest converting sales funnels in 1-Click. We have a team of experts who have raised over $2 Billion in capital to help small businesses like yours grow.

 We have achieved this feat because we understand what it takes to reinforce your business profits by a cash flow.


Working with us affords you the benefit of Fortune 500 Finance Executives, Marketing Strategists, and Full-Stack Developers all working TOGETHER. We have at least 1,900 businesses that are now converting more sales and serving more clients without extra effort. You are guaranteed to have your sales pumping within 24 Hours of onboarding with us.

However, you’ll need to make sure you qualify for our 100% financing program though. Get in touch with us for information on that.

Contact us to increase your business cashflow

Do you wish to dramatically increase your sales closing rate without driving new traffic? Then you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with One Click Close. We have a team of experts that specialize in helping businesses get a boost of new cash flow without extra effort. Our programs are mutually beneficial to your business and clients and you can always trust us for excellent service delivery. So, if you are a coach, entrepreneur, expert, influencer, or course creator in the US, do not hesitate to fill out our 90-second application and give your business the financial boost it needs.




100 Approval Financing New York

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